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Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a disorder where the cerebellum of the brain has not fully formed. There are various causes such as bacterial or viral infections, feline panleukopenia, caused by feline parvovirus, but can also be caused by poisoning, injury or malnutrition.  Some common symptoms are jerky movement, wobbly uncoordinated walking and head bobbing.

There is no cure for CH, it doesn’t get better but it doesn’t get worse.  A kitten will learn to compensate for his/her condition and have a normal lifespan.  These cats should not be allowed outside as they have no defense against predators.

There are many cats and kittens with this condition that are being put down because it is thought that their quality of life is less than perfect.  This saddens me since I know all to well how amazing these cats can be.

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