A New Year

With the new year comes new hope that our goal for education will become a reality.  Elise Murphy have graciously accepted our request to help with the website as well as designing a flyer for handing out to rescue groups, shelters, vets offices and anyone who shows interest in CH kitties.

If you are as passionate about CH cats as we are and have the privilege of having one in your family, please consider taking your kitty to your local pet store. If it is anything like my experience, people will stop and ask questions.  This would be a perfect time to hand out the flyer and help those CH kitties waiting for homes get adopted.

Most people are unaware of this condition. As one friend of mine said, she would have been a lot more hesitant to adopt a cat with a neurological condition had she not have met my CH cat JillyBean.  This is part of the education process.

People are afraid of adopting a kitty that is less than perfect.  I feel JillyBean is perfect, just a little clumsy.  Who is to say what defines perfect anyway.

So as I enter the new year, the key to our success is “Education, Education, Education”!

Happy New Year
Lisa, JillyBean and family.