2 thoughts on “Happy Ending for CH Pup, Leo

  1. I found a kitten at one of my properties. I took him in and it turns out he has CH. I took him in never intending on keeping him as I have 5 other animals. When I found him I thought he was just weak from being abandoned by his mom. I had contacted a rescue and after seeing him they said they usually put cats like him down. I immediately decided I was not giving them this kitten. I have been taking care of him and getting all of his medical needs met but I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with the litter needs he has. I work full time, I have two children and 5 other pets. We love him dearly but I am not sure I can continue to meet his needs. If anyone knows of anyone willing to adopt him and love him as we have, please let me know. He also has a food allergy and requires a 1 protein diet.

  2. Great Article. comments – I Appreciate the info – Does anyone know where I could get a blank CA CHP 362 copy to fill out ?

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