Welcome to the World of CH Cats!


Welcome to the World of Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia or commonly know as CH Cats, the most amazing cats I have ever seen.

Cats affected with CH can and do live pretty normal lives. People who are not familiar with the condition and some who do not consider animals as having rights are quick to give up on these little ones.

It is my greatest hope that through pages such as this one, we will become educated on this condition so CH cats and kittens will not be euthanized or put to sleep as it is commonly referred to.

The term put to sleep makes it easier for us to make that choice since it softens the reality that this kitty will never wake up, never cuddle in a lap, never chase a string across the floor or utter a single meow. This is death. I prefer to give them a chance to show what they are capable of.

One thought on “Welcome to the World of CH Cats!

  1. I found my little CH kitten on my back deck. I had never heard of CH so had no idea what was wrong with this baby. I googled her symptoms and she has all the signs and symptoms of CH. Its a severe case. I named her Courage Grace. I thought it took alot of courage for her to lay there on my deck and wait for whatever to happen. The mommy cat is feral and there are two litter mates out there who are normal. I have six rescued cats inside now, including Courage, and I just cant take anymore in. I provide shelter, food and water to the outside cats. Some are feral some are strays. I cannot do the trap spay neuter release thing. I am too old and dont have the money for it. I have fallen in love with little Courage, who is now about four months old. She is so sweet and so smart and so pretty! She has to use pee pads cause she cant stand up or even sit up. She requires alot of care but she is worth every minute of my time! I have learned alot from websites such as this one, which I am thankful for. I discovered that she cannot eat dry cat food or treats but she can eat soft treats and I have to hold her steady on her belly to eat can food, or she will fall over. She has to eat from small paper plates cause she could chip a tooth on a hard plate or dish. I give her water with an eyedropper to keep her hydrated cause she cant get to a bowl of water like a normal cat can.

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