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I have to say that this FB page is my happy place! This page has the most caring furbaby parents in the world on it. I have learned so much from so many of the posts and you all have given me new ideas for my little guys…well they would get mad if they heard me say little…they are teen boys now. I have had a CH kitty in my life since 2003 now and I have never met a more loving animal in my life. Our first boy is in heaven but we have brothers Cow and Chewy now. They were kind enough to adopt our family and give us the love we needed! (It feels like they adopted us anyway) Thank you to all of the WONDERFUL people on this page!

                                                                                                           “Megan, Virginia”

Magical Kitties

My close-as-I-will-ever-get-to-a-brother-in-law came over yesterday to pick up something for my sister and we ended up sitting in the front room chatting about family matters. You’ll never guess who he ended up petting the whole time. Of all my cats my little CH girl sat by his feet and he stroked her the whole time and actually said, “When you described it, I wondered why on earth anyone would want to adopt a disabled cat, but I get it now.” This from a dedicated dog person. These CH kitties are truly magical!

                                                                                                    “Beth, California”

The Crazy Cat Guy

Just wanted to say something. I have a new CH kitten. He’s the same one i’ve had for at least a few months. I never knew having him would change me emotionally the way he has. I’m a tough guy, i’m not a tear-sprayer of any type, but for some reason when this little guy just looks at you with his head bobbling back and forth with that look… it’s a heartstring puller. These guys look like they’re miserable and their life is going to be so difficult, but we soon remember that this is the only thing they know. This is their normal. As he walks and wobbles, looks at you as if to say, “Dad, this is me. I don’t know anything else but this life. Don’t have pity on me when I fall or slip, and don’t come running all the time. I don’t want to feel special, I want to feel like every other cat. I see how you don’t run to my Brother all the time and I want you to do the same to me. If I hurt myself, you’ll know. If I have trouble, I’ll stare like I do and you’ll know. But other than that, this is my life and I appreciate every day I have to spend it with you and Mom.” THAT is what is the heartsrting puller. When we get our next cats, they WILL be CH rescue cat because they have a special personality and capability that we know not of a regular cat. That’s all. Go ahead, call me “The Crazy Cat Guy.”

Joe, Michigan

Our First Experience

Just wanted to thank everyone on this FB page and the wonderful CH Newsletter for all the help and information I have learned from all of you. We have several CH kittens (three are now a year old ) in our rescue group. This was our first experience and we were not sure how to proceed. I am happy to announce that our first CH boy was adopted on Sunday and is doing great. We are sending on your website and FB page to the new owner as I am sure she will also want to become part of your family. She had already done a great deal of research on CH and was well prepared for the challenge. We still have two wonderful boys (buff) who are looking for forever homes. They have been neutered, vaccinatied, tested, microchipped and fall over alot, but so so sweet. Thanks for being there.

Pam, Illinois

 Touched My Heart

I can not express how deeply grateful and amazed I am by an incredible group of people from all over that come together for CH kitties. Each and every one of you that share and support here have touched my heart. I’m so thankful. Should you all ever have a day of feeling down on yourselves please at least remember that you’re helping both people in the time of desperation, loss as well as their babies striving to find homes, love and a chance at happiness. I’m in awe. ♥ Thank you!

“Jennifer, Texas”

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  1. There is a stray cat around my neighborhood. I believe he has CH because of how he runs and walks. I want to get off the streets ASAP. I cannot take him in because I already have two cats and my mom will kill me. Is there anywhere I can go to drop him off where I will know for sure he won’t be put down ? I live in Miami Florida .

  2. In 2008, we adopted a 6-month old kitten from a rescue group in NYC’s upper west side. We had never heard of CH until “Nani’s” first vet exam. Before that, we noticed her head would shake side to side when she became excited about a toy or the laser and she does eat like a bird pecking at food. Nani is so sweet that her 3 “siblings” (now down to 2) groom her whenever she sticks her head into their faces. It’s almost as if they sense she is “challenged” because they would not do this for each other. Nani follows me around the apartment like a puppy, always choosing to be where she can see me. We moved to Florida in 2011 and Nani’s new vet and her tech have also fallen in love with her. They had not seen a CH cat in years and were delighted that she has a good forever home. Thank you for this website and for similar links. “Nani” means beautiful in Hawaiian.

  3. My Tigra aka Bellis.. she was rescued from the sreet when she was just I wil say a month old.. I though she was not able to walk properly because she was still a baby.. then I realize there was something wrong with her walking and all the banging.. today she’s 6 years a love her to death and I can not see my life without her.. even typing this message makes me cry.. my friends don’t believe I have a cat with CH.. she’s a Calico brown, beige and blak with a beauty mark (small black dot) under her left eye… she my little angel who fallowns me every where I go in the house.. she proctect me all the time.. I love you Tigra for years to come :-*.. I wish I can shae a pic of her 🙂

  4. I am currently fostering from our local Humane Society of Southern Arizona a 5 week old C H kitty. Her other 3 siblings do not have C H. Pansy seems to have the more severe form. She rolls & drags herself to get where she was ts to go. She is starting to eat wet gruel off a spoon & some straight out of the dish. My concern is how to train her for litter box since she can’t stand up at all. Any suggestions?

    • Many CH cats, including severe CH cats will use a litterbox without issues. For some, it is just a matter of figuring out what size and height of box they prefer. Other CH cats prefer to use pee pee pads or towels. I would recommend trying to train her with a rabbit litterbox (low front and high sides) while she is still very young and small to help develop the habit. The high sides she can use to lean against, and it always helps if you establish a routine and/or help them balance themselves in the box a few times a day, especially around meal time.

  5. Oh, how we adore our CH cat! She is the most adorable, medium hair, tuxedo named Princess Graceful (Gracie for short). She manages to run around on wood floors and climb and descend a full flight of wood stairs. She has no clue she is any different from our other 2 cats. Her antics make us smile every day!

  6. There is a little black feral kitten in our yard that we believe has mild CH. His mama had 6 kittens and we took all the kittens but him to the Adoption Room at our local shelter. He was the runt and we figured that he needed his mother even at 6 weeks. He is now about 12 weeks, still small, but is extremely shaky.
    He eats, runs, plays, etc. but is wobbly and
    falls over sometimes. We figure he has some sort of palsy. The problem is that we already have 4 inside cats . We keep an eye on him, but are concerned. Being elderly, we hesitate to take in any more cats. Any suggestions?

    falls over on occasion

    • Will the local shelter take him in as well now that he is older? CH cats should not be left outdoors as they can’t get away from predators easily. Is he friendly?

  7. Our 7-month old kitten was diagnosed w/ CH today. After multiple vets, finally found one who knew exactly what she had. We are relieved to know and now will just keep loving her to pieces.

    Wondering if any other CH cats are without a voice. Our cat has silent meows but purrs loudly. Cutest thing ever.

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