Why we do the things we do.

Some of you might wonder why we do what we do.  This isn’t about monetary gain or gaining fame by any means.  We do this because it is the right thing to do. If it weren’t for people such as June aka Sky-Angel or Deb aka Adoption Specialist Guro, these very deserving kitties would not have a happy ending like the one I’m going to tell you about.

In May 2011, a photo of two adorable brother and sister CH kittens was posted on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/CHcat/  The photo captions said:

“Brother and sister kittens in need of adoption/rescue. These little ones were brought to our shelter on Friday. The vet has determined Cerebellar Hypoplasia resulting from distemper. Basically this means they both have problems with balance and coordination, but are otherwise SUPER sweet, playful, loving kittens. The… brother’s (right) condition is severe, the sister’s is moderate. We think they are around 9-10 weeks old. Will test for FeLV/FIV soon. If you can help, or know of anyone who can help, please contact the Beatrice Animal Shelter in Beatrice, Nebraska. We would like them to stay together. Thank you!” 

Within a half hour, our amazing adoption specialist Deb Martin who is in California, got a bite on a home 20 hours (via air) from Beatrice, NE.  Side note: Deb is the BOMB!


To make a long story short,  less than a week later, these two beautiful yet wobbly kittens found their way from Nebraska to Pheonix AZ with the help of Gina in Nebraska who did ground transport to meet with our amazing Sky-Angel June.



Sky-Angel spend her day traveling to Nebraska and back taking on the responsibility of these two lucky kittens without any hesitation. June is one of the most amazing women I have had the privilege of knowing.  She along with countless others take it upon themselves to ensure the safety of CH kitties all over the world.  Without these dedicated people, rescues such as this would not be possible and kittens such as Rocky and June may not have had the chance at life that they enjoy and deserve.


Today Rocky and June live the life of luxury with their mom Elizabeth in Phoenix AZ where they will spend their time being loved and spoiled as they and all CH cats should be.


This is just one of hundreds of rescue cases we facilitate through our group.  Unfortunately not all turn out with a happy ending. Some never find their way out of shelters.  I guess that is just a fact of life that I have to come to terms with.  It will not however stop our group from reaching out to find each and every CH cat and kitten a home of their own.

R.I.P. Sweet angels. You are gone but never forgotten.

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  1. My cat got castration they used ketamine actin weired biting me does know me i am scared plz help me how long does stay in his body

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