My CH kitty is having trouble using the litterbox. What are some modification ideas?

Every CH kitty seems to have a different idea of what the perfect litterbox is.  Experiment with multiple types and sizes of litterboxes and litter until you find a combination that your cat seems to like.  Many CH cats have to potty while laying down, so are more picky about where they will go.  They also may avoid the litterbox if it is dirty or is difficult to get in and out of.  Some ideas to try are:

  • Litterboxes with lower fronts
  • Litterboxes with high sides and back
  • Dog litterboxes
  • Boot trays
  • Under-the-bed storage containers (with the long side cut low and cut edges protected with duct tape)
  • Peepee pads
  • Towels
  • Grass (with supervision!) or fake grass indoor patches
  • Different types of litter – if your kitty potties laying down, you may want to try a non-clumping, paper pellet littler like Good Mews or Yesterday’s News.